Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?
ASD is "brain developmental disorder. Individuals who were diagnosed previously with Aspergers's Syndrome or Autistic disorder are all considered under ASD.  

- Ongoing social problems like communication and interaction on daily basis
- Restricted or Repetitive behaviors
- Symptoms which prevents to function socially at school, work or other areas of life.

Signs/ Symptoms
  • Inconsistent or little eye contact
  • Slight change in routine upsets them
  • Difficulty understanding body language - Eg: unusual reaction to anger, Stress, affection
  • Repeats words or phrases
  • Cannot have a smooth conversation
  • Facial expression do not math their conversation
  • above average intellectual abilities in certain areas

  • 46% of children diagnosed with ASD have above average intelligence
  • Strong visual and auditory learners
  • Remembers information for longer period 
  • Detailed learner
  • Excel in math, science, art, etc
Risk Factors:
  • Boys are more prone to than girls
  • Older parents - Mother 35 or above and father 40 or above
  • Have a sibling with same condition
  • Genetics: 20% of the children have some kind of genetic disorder Like Downs syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Etc.