Healing Options

I am very passionate about what I do and my desire is to help the community around me live life at its BEST. When you are ready to apply the holistic approach to health, please call or email and we can set up a Free Healing Strategy Session to discuss how I can support you in your journey towards a healthy and happy life.

FREE Healing Strategy Session
by appointment only

30 minute in person or phone strategy session to see if Homeopathy can help you heal, and answer all your questions. Based on this session we can identify your specific issues and map out a course of action to get you started on your journey to good health.

To reserve your appointment for any type of consultation, please pay this fee. The amount will be adjusted against your consultation fees when you come for your appointment.

Holistic Healing Protocols

 HomeoprophylaxisA homeopathic approach to educate the immune system and reduce infectious diseases, and the preservation of children’s health
 CEASE Therapy
Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression

Please make an appointment for a Free 30 min call to get more information on protocols and pricing. Discounted packages are also available
 ACUTE CARE: Common Everyday IllnessFlu
Morning Sickness
Bruises / Sprains

  • Grief

  • Trauma

  • Blood dyscrasia

  • Infections

  • Past medications

  • PCOS

 Women's Health
  • Hormone imbalance

  • Puberty / Menarche

  • Menopause

  • Vaginosis

  • Chlamydia

  • Itch

 Back Pain
  • Trauma

  • Posture

  • Spine problems

  • Back Muscle problems

 Restful Sleep
  • Stress

  • Fear

  • Indigestion

  • Pain

 Respiratory Health
  • Allergies

  • Breathing troubles

  • Cough and cold

 Balance and Energy Healing
  • Massage

  • Bach Flower-essence Consultation

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Stress

  • Noise sensitivity

  • Food sensitivity

  • Hormonal issues

  Happy Kids
  • Fear

  • Stress

  • Pressure



Appointment Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment please call 24 hrs in advance so we can schedule another client during that time slot. Cancellation policy and fees are below:
  • 24 hour cancellation notice: No charge
  • Less than 24 hour cancellation notice: $25
  • Missed appointment: $50